Moving is never easy or fun, but the thought of settling into a brand new house or apartment– maybe your dream home – can definitely help you cope with everything a lot smoother. Kids, on the other hand, are prone to have a more difficult time. The younger they are, the stricter their sleeping and eating schedules – both interfering in the course of a move. Small children also tend to lose their patience a lot faster, and they are more vulnerable in front of the potential dangers of packing, loading and unloading moving trucks. Moving can also be scary for children who do not understand what is happening. It is your duty as a parent to do everything in your power to prepare your children for a move the best way possible. Here are a few useful tips that should help you in this endeavor.


Talk About The Move

Give your kids as much information about the move as you can. Do it as soon as you know it is about to happen. Have all of their questions and concerns answered honestly. Be prepared to receive positive and negative reactions. Children will tend to focus more on the scary details of such a big change. Get them as involved as possible in the planning process. This should make the change smoother and feel less forced on them.

Visit the new house, take some time and explore the new town/neighborhood, or provide your children with as much online information as you can about the new home, if it is located located far away.


Encourage Your Kids To House-Hunt With You

If you have not yet decided upon a new house to buy or rent, involve your children in the process as much as possible. Encourage them to make a wish list of all the things they would like to have in their new home. Help them pick furniture or the color of the walls in their new room. This will help them feel more involved in the decision-making process and better understand what the move truly means. They will accept it a lot easier and the transition should go a lot smoother with them around.  


Make A Scrapbook With Your Children’s Favorite Places In The Old Town

Make time on a weekend and plan a tour with the kids. Take pictures of your children’s favorite places in your former town and encourage them to create beautiful memories. The scrapbook should also include snapshots of their friends and school buddies. See they write down their phone numbers and email addresses so they can continue to keep in touch with all of them after they reach their new home.


Plan A “See You Soon” Party

Children usually have a difficult time saying goodbye to their friends. To make things easier on them, host a farewell party and invite over their friends and school companions, family, and neighbors. Take lots of photos and encourage your kids to keep in touch with their friends via social media, texting, and phone calls. You can also discuss the idea of weekend visits and sleepovers, if you are not doing a long distance move.


Involve Your Kids In The Moving Process

Delegate responsibilities and tasks to them, but try to do it in a fun and engaging way. Create the “moving game” and set all of their moving chores as tasks part of the game’s mission. Think of a reward that would stimulate them to finish all of their chores. Explain the entire moving process to them – how you will need to pack all of your items, load them in moving trucks, transport them to a new location while making sure nothing gets left behind, and why you need them to bring their own contribution to the process. No one knows their hiding spots better than them – so encourage them to retrieve all of their hidden toys and clothes, including from the gym and school lockers. They definitely do not want to leave their favorite toys, clothes, or electronics behind!


Do A Yard Sale With The Kids

Have your children help you host a yard sale. Encourage them to help with the sorting, inventory, and pricing of all of the items you plan on selling prior to your big move. This should include old toys and clothes your children no longer use. Tell your kids that the sale’s proceeds will be used to buy something that the entire family will benefit from. Vote on that thing should be – it could be a huge flat TV or a puppy. This should stimulate your children to invest more time and energy into their chores.


Pack A Fun Box

Encourage your children to pack a fun box they can use during the trip to your new home. This special box should include all of the items they will need to stay happy and buys on the road. Think in terms of their favorite toys, a tablet, stickers, and snacks. If your kids are really young, pack their favorite blanket and let them feel a little familiarity – it will go a long way. Your kids are also prone to feel a lot more relaxed, and this means dealing with fewer problems and focusing more on the move.

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