Uber Movers Storage Options

At Uber Moving Company, our primary objective is to exceed all of your expectations. Our strongest points are our professionalism, experience, and attention to detail, which have helped us build strong relationships with our satisfied clients. We specialize in offering high-quality services, ranging from packing/unpacking, free estimates, local and interstate transportation, household and commercial moves, last minute moves, and storage units. As a full-service moving company, Uber Movers can provide you with long distance household and commercial movers with affordable and reliable storage-in-transit options. The storage facility service is a complimentary one you will not be charged for.


NY & New Jersey Storage Units

Most times, moves are planned well-ahead, and our clients have it all figured out, including the address of their new residential or commercial location. Sometimes, however, things happen unexpectedly; maybe your new home needs to be renovated prior to your moving in, so you need a place to store your furniture and items in. At the same time, you cannot use your old rental apartment, as a new tenant has already moved in. Hence, the need for last minute moving services and temporary storage units.

Each situation is different and it requires a different approach. Here at Uber Movers, we offer innovative and reliable storage facility services in New Jersey and New York. We have what it takes to make your move as smooth and easy as possible. You can completely rely on our trustworthy team to accurately pack, secure, transport, unpack and assemble your personal items and furniture. Feel free to check out our packing options page and find out exactly what we can do for you.

The Uber Movers storage service includes transitional storage for long distance or interstate moves. This storage option is free and it is available for up to 35 days, in case you need to store your items in a temporary location during a last-minute move.


Storage Facilities For Household Movers

If you plan an upcoming move, but your new home is not ready to welcome you just yet, you will need additional storage space for your belongings. The Uber Movers crew can help you. If you are planning an out of state move, we can provide you with our specialized storage service. It is a very flexible and simple to use solution that will enable you to resume work on your new home or commercial space, and get it properly prepared for use. You may also still be in the process of searching for a new property to buy or rent. The storage service we can offer you for free should help you deal with all of your schedule challenges more easily.

We will store your items at one of our convenient and safe storage facilities, then move them into your new home or commercial space once you are ready to resume your move. Get your free moving quote in just a few seconds online by filling out our form, or call 1.866.386.UBER(8237) and book experienced movers who are ready to handle all of your moving requests, including your storage-in-transit needs.

Get FREE Storage! Up to 35 five days with LONG DISTANCE MOVE. Just fill out our form.

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