So you’ve finally laid your hands on that house you’ve been meaning to buy for a couple of years now. It took a lot of hard work, planning, and sacrifice, but you finally have the privilege to move into the home of your dreams. Kudos! All you are left to do now is plan your move. Decide which movers to use. How, when, and what to pack. Where to find packing boxes. Get in touch with service providers and make sure your have internet and cable installed upon your arrival. Change your mailing addresses, switch your kids’ school…OK, it’s a lot to do. And it can feel quite overwhelming, to say the least. Particularly if this is your first move and you do not have a lot of experience with the whole planning. Don’t worry, we’ve assembled a fine lits of some of the most efficient packing tips that should make any move a lot smoother and faster. Grab your favorite snack and keep reading!


Get Rid Of Unnecessary Things

  • Go through each room of your old home and make two big piles of times to keep and items to throw away.
  • If you are not yet ready to get down to work, it will also be helpful to create a list of all the things you are planning on eliminating from your old home before moving into your new one. Then remember to use this list before you actually begin the packing. The last thing you want to do is pack everything and have it moved to your new address only to unpack it and be forced to get rid of it there.
  • Clear all clutter and try to be as ruthless as possible. This is not time to start pulling the hoarder card out. Donate or sell everything you haven’t used in months or years during a yard or garage sale. If you are moving into a place that comes with kitchen appliances, it might also be time to throw away – or better yet, recycle – your old fridge or microwave.
  • You will thank yourself later, trust us! You will not only have fewer things to unpack and organize in your new home, but you will also pay less for the move. Do not hesitate to ask for help from close friends and family, if you feel you at least need emotional support when doing this.


Categorize Your Belongings  

  • Once you will have all of your things nicely sorted by category, you will have a much easier time packing them and getting them ready for the big move. Sort through all of your clothes, and do not forget about your clothes hamper filled with dirty clothes.
  • Bring everything together in the same room and start sorting. Then do the same with your shoes, books, accessories, and important papers.
  • Did you know that you can schedule a free donation pickup for the items you plan on donating to charity? You can find a service that will pick up your items and take it to Goodwill, or store your items temporarily, furniture included. Your temporary storage needs can also be satisfied by a professional moving company like Uber Movers.
  • We can set up all the details for your storage requirements , moving, packing and unpacking plans. We have got the experience, the skills, the knowledge, and the right people for the job. Give us a call at 1.866.386.UBER(8237) and let us provide you with a free estimate and all the help you are looking for.
  • If you also have items that are no longer in use, but for which you would like to receive money, set them aside. Get them ready for selling and opt for a few online services, or even consignment stores in your city.


Find Moving Boxes

  • Start the search in your own home or garage. Do you have any old electronic boxes you have stored for warranty purposes? It’s finally time to put them to good use.
  • You can also go to a few liquor stores in town and ask about any used boxes you could recycle.
  • Hardware stores sell cardboard boxes, so they are worth a shot. Besides, you also need to buy tape, packing paper, screws, measuring tape, and lots of other things that are specific to moving.


Decide Upon The Perfect Moving Day

  • Figure out which is the right moving date that will best fit your need, match all of your plans, and get you in sync with everything you will need to do upon your arrival. Play around with a few dates, if your schedule is not very tight and it allows you to.
  • Keep in mind some movers will charge extra for a move during the holiday season. Try to plan your move at least a month in advance, and come across the most affordable time of the month to move talk to a few different movers in your area and see what kind of rates do they charge.
  • Avoid moving during the weekends, as movers tend to be most solicited. You may get some nice price discounts should you decide to move during the week. Just make sure all of your items are packed in boxes you have rented, found, or bought on the day of the move.

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