Moving last minute is by far one of the most stressful events in the life of a person. Getting a dream job that requires you to relocate to a different city or state or getting married and moving for personal reasons are just a few of the influencing factors in this direction. There are, of course, less pleasant arguments for which you might need to change addresses. Either way, moving is never easy, especially when it’s last minute. Luckily, there are things you can do to ease the process. Since you do not have any time to plan the move, you will need to figure out something quick.


Learn How To Find Professional Movers Or Rent A Truck  

Most people require at least eight weeks’ time to plan a decent move, and pack everything according to the plan. Nonetheless, last minute moves usually require people to be ready to move to their new residence in less than four weeks. Some people need to move within a week or a few days – can you imagine having to pack all of your belongings and find some reliable movers to help you out?


Since the best moving companies tend to be busy all the time, you are prone to have issues with finding one. Hiring last minute movers can be a hassle, and the same goes for renting a truck and doing the move on your own. It’s short notice, difficult, but not impossible to accomplish. Start by learning what critical questions to ask so you know you will come across the right people:


  • Find out what are their standard moving fees, and if there are any additional fees that will be added to short notice moves;
  • What kind of services can the movers provide you with? Can they pack and unpack your items? Offer you packing supplies and boxes you can rent from them? Handle overnight storage for some of your belongings? Can they provide you with over-the-phone or in-house estimates?
  • Keep in mind you will need to know exactly what kind of moving service you will need to hire – local, interstate – and the type of estimate you require. Focus on finding the best service and try not to solely search for the smallest rates possible.
  • If you are thinking about renting a moving truck and doing most of the move on your own, you will also need to get the right estimates and quotes, compare rates from several companies, and ask the right set of questions. Keep in mind that some times of the year will make it even more difficult for you to find a rental truck. You should also be prepared for some alternatives. One of them would be rent a few vans, or find a smaller truck and make several pick-ups.
  • If you are looking at an inflexible moving date, you will need to be prepared for all possible problems and have several solutions in store.
  • Services like Uber Movers specialize in regular and last minute moves. Our technicians understand that things can happen unexpectedly in life, and you may need quick, last minute solutions. We have central hubs in Illinois, New Jersey and Florida; we also have a full fleet on the road in an area nearby, or standing by, waiting at one of our locations readily available to help you out. We can help you during a family emergency or a last minute work relocation. We can also substitute the original movers you have contacted and who never showed up. We will make it there on time and ensure you will clear your old home by the preset deadline.
  • Uber Movers can also provide you with free 35 day storage for long distance/interstate moves. The storage will be done in climate controlled warehouses, and it should help you eliminate the stress of rushing into finding a new place to stay in straight away.


How To Pack For A Last Minute Move

  • Ask for help from neighbors, friend, and family, if you need to move out in just a few days and you do not have the physical time to pack everything on your own. If you need to get things done even faster, or you simply do not have the time to get anything pack anything on your own, you can save precious time by hiring a professional packing service like the ones we have in store for you.
  • Packing is the most time-consuming processes during a move, especially if you do not have a lot of experience doing it. A professional packer knows exactly what type of packing supplies and procedures to use for your furniture, kitchen appliances, and personal/fragile items. Uber Movers can provide you with three different packing options: the basic package, the deluxe package for partial packing, and the platinum package for full packing.


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