If you want your upcoming move to run as smoothly and free of incidents as possible, you are strongly advised to create a detailed moving checklist and follow it accordingly. This should significantly simplify a great deal of the moving process and save you from a lot of problems. Here is what you should do:


6-8 Weeks Prior To Moving

  • Start to plan all the steps of your move. It will help you get rid of a great deal of the stress that is associated to last minute packing. Uber Movers can offer you the help you need for your New Jersey or out of state household or commercial move. We can work out the best timeline together, and go over the entire process, so nothing can take you by surprise. Get in touch with us at 1.866.386.UBER(8237) and let’s get started!
  • Set up a room where you will organize all of your packing supplies. Start to place your packed boxes there, but make sure you group empty boxes by size. If you would like to use professional movers for your packing needs, get in touch with us and select one of our three packing options: basic, deluxe, or platinum.
  • Have all of your medical and property insurances transferred toy our new address.
  • Make a list of phone numbers you will need to use once you will reach your new place.
  • Donate old items you no longer need and return all borrowed items so you can ease your move and make it more affordable.
  • If you have children, notify the school in your old and new city and arrange the transfer of school records.

4-5 Weeks Prior To Moving

  • Get in touch with Uber Movers and decide upon all of the details of your local or interstate move. Inform us on your needs in terms of packing and unpacking, temporary storage, and the existence of specialty items you would like for us to pay special attention to.
  • Get a Change of Address form from the local police or get it online at www.usps.com. Your bank, insurance company, school, doctors, credit card company, phone company, and newspaper subscription all need to receive the change of address notification.
  • Talk to your service providers and make all the necessary arrangements to disconnect your services at the old address and connect them at the new one.
  • See if you need to get a new driver’s license and fill out your auto registration at your new address.

3-2 Weeks Prior To Moving

  • Set up all the details for your car transportation. Have your car inspected by a mechanic if you plan on driving it there.
  • Clean the rooms of the house that have been emptied, and make sure nothing gets left behind.
  • Transfer your pharmaceutical prescriptions to the pharmacy you will use.
  • Pack your items and ask for help if you feel overwhelmed.
  • Empty all of your school, work, and gym lockers.


One Week Prior To The Move

  • Mark your boxes with visible labels reading “Fragile”, “load first/last/do not load in truck”.
  • If you will not be present at the new address, make sure the movers receive the address and phone number where they can get in touch with you.
  • Defrost and clean your refrigerator and create a survival kit for the big day. The kit should include items you will need during the trip and once you will reach your destination.

What To Do On The Day Of The Big Move

  • Find out if the movers accept cash or credit cards and have the accepted payment method available on the day of the big move.
  • Answer all of the movers’ questions and address your own set of questions and concerns.  
  • Hand over the keys to the house/apartment/garage and the alarm codes to the landlord/new owners.  

Keep in mind moving can be and it should be a positive, stress-free experience. There are, however, unpredictable things that can interfere with a smooth move. There are also lots of things to plan and organize, and unless you choose to handle all of them on time and as scheduled, chances are you may feel overwhelmed and incapable of doing it all on your own. There is absolutely no shame in asking for help and delegating responsibilities. The best type of help is the one provided by a professional moving company. Uber Movers caters to the moving needs of New Jersey and New York residence. Get in touch with us today and let us tackle everything on time and effectively. Let us help you get rid of the last minute panic and doubt. But if you do need to organize a last minute relocation and you do not have several weeks ahead of it, we can help you out as well. We can even provide you with transitory storage solutions, in case you need a temporary place for your items until you are ready to move into a new place.

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