While movers have more experience packing and transporting fragile items than the typical homeowner, you may worry about whether everything will make it to your new home in one piece. Even when a mover is extremely careful, accidents can happen.

You have the option of transporting some of your belongings on your own, instead of having the movers transport everything. The following items are among the possessions that people are most likely to want to protect. If you are concerned about their safety, you may want to transport them yourself.

Jewelry and Delicate Items

Most jewelry is fragile and may contain precious gems or stones that are easily lost if the jewelry is damaged. Some of your jewelry may have sentimental value, while other pieces may be of significant monetary value. These are items that you may want to think about moving in your own vehicle.

When packing your own jewelry, use caution to avoid tangling your necklaces, long earrings, or bracelets. To keep your necklaces from getting tangled, slide them through ordinary drinking straws. You can keep earrings together by inserting them into the holes of a button. Disposable plates are also useful for transporting jewelry, by placing holes in the plate for inserting earrings and necklaces and then covering with a second plate.

Valuable Electronic Devices

Computers and expensive electronics are generally easy to transport with minimal risk of damage. However, you may feel better when you personally transport these items. You may also want to use some of your electronics during your first few days in your new home before you have the chance to start unpacking everything.

When transporting electronics, there are a couple tips that may help you prevent damage. First, review the instruction manual. Some manuals include suggestions for packing or transporting. You should also use the original box if you kept the packaging that the electronics came in.

Family Heirlooms and Photos

Items that have a lot of sentimental value are often irreplaceable. This includes family heirlooms and family photos. Even if they do not get damaged, there is a risk that they may get lost.

If you want to avoid the stress of worrying about the safety of these items, you can transport them yourself. Always use care when transporting older items. For example, an old piece of furniture or an old decorative item may easily break or become damaged. When packing these items in boxes, make sure that there is enough room for tissue paper or packing peanuts.

Expensive Artwork and Antiques

The same tips that apply to heirlooms and photos apply to expensive artwork and antiques. When you pack these items in your own vehicle, you know that they are safe and secure. If may also want to consider getting some of these items insured, if you have not already done so.

Important Documents and Papers

Everyone has important documents that would be extremely difficult to replace. For example, birth certificates, social security cards, and marriage certificates can be replaced. However, the process of replacing these items may take several weeks and include various fees.

Other important documents may include mortgage papers, tax statements, bank statements, passports, medical records, and contracts. Depending on the how many documents you have, these items may not require a lot of space. If possible, pack them into a single box or a small safe and place in your vehicle before moving to your new home.

How to Determine if You Should Transport an Item Yourself

The examples provided are items that people often choose to move on their own. If you are having difficulty deciding whether you should transport an item yourself, there are a few details to consider.

You should first decide if the item is valuable. This includes the monetary and sentimental value of the item. For example, precious family heirlooms and family photos are irreplaceable. If the item cannot be replaced, you may want to transport it yourself.

You may also want to handle the transport of extremely expensive items. If you are worried about your expensive electronics getting damaged during a move, then pack them in your own vehicle.

Besides the value of the item, you should consider your need for the item. Items that you will need during the first few days of moving into your new location should be transported in your personal or rental vehicle. This ensures that you can easily find these items, instead of needing to search through boxes.

Medications, toys for your children, pet supplies, and important documents are good examples of items that people choose to move on their own as they may need them once they arrive at their new home.

When packing your own items, do not overfill any of the boxes. If the boxes are too heavy, you may drop and break your valuable items. If you are worried about transporting an item yourself and do not want the movers to pack it with the rest of your belongings, another option is to ship specific items to your new home. When choosing this method, make sure that you purchase insurance for the shipment and get the tracking number to track the package.

Talk to Your Movers about Rules for Special Items

You may also need to ask the movers about transporting certain items. Some moving companies have restrictions or rules regarding the transport of specific items, such as live plants. If the moving company will not transport these items, then you may need to move them on your own.

When you hire a reputable moving company, you get to decide which items you transport yourself and which items you want the movers to handle. If you have truly valuable items that you do not want to risk getting damaged, you may want to think about packing them in your own vehicle.

Consider transporting jewelry, artwork, expensive electronics, sentimental items, and important documents in your vehicle and allow movers to handle the rest. You can relax knowing that these items are safely carried to your new home.



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