Do you like challenges? If you do, and you just happen to be on the brink of moving to a new home, we’ve got the perfect assignment for you! And who knows, it might even help you de-stress a little and get you rid of some of that moving anxiety most people go through when switching addresses.  Think of the one thing that has most likely served you stoically in your home for many years and has never let you down. Its only flaw might be the occasional creaking sound that makes your heart tremble every now and then.

Maybe it also has a sentimental value, as your late-late grandmother has passed it down from generation to generation. And you are about to pass it down to your own children. The last thing you want to do is ruin it during the moving process, or cause irreparable damage to it. If you own highly valuable antique furniture items, even the smallest scratch can cost you a small fortune. Focusing on all of these aspects should help you avoid the negative emotions you might experience during a move.

No matter if you think about your furniture as an old friend or a valuable item inside your home, one thing is for sure: you have every reason to safeguard it during the transition. This, however, might be easier said than done. Dealing with fragile and expensive furniture is one of the trickiest things to do. There are certain steps you can take to effectively protect your antique furniture while relocating. And while a specialized mover is your best bet to safely carry your antique pieces with zero accidents, you can also personally ensure everything will run smoothly.

Tips For Preparing Antique Furniture For The Big Move

Moving is one of the riskiest and most complicated processes a man can go through during his lifetime. There are loads of things that could go terribly wrong, as well as lots of circumstances beyond your control that could potentially render useless all of your planning.

  • The integrity of your shipment should become your number one concern during the transition. The truth is no amount of money could ever replace an armoir with a sentimental value. The more effort you are wiling to make to protect your antique items during the move, the better your preparation.
  • Start by creating an inventory of your antique furniture pieces. Make it as detailed as possible. Go from one room to the other and write down the exact name and location of each item, as well as the materials the item is made of, its craftsman, the first owner or the person that donated it to you, the manufacturing year and location and its value. Even the smallest detail counts and should be written down. Describe the items as accurately and thoroughly as possible. Mention any current damages, and take photos from all angles. In case of an unfortunate accident during th move, you will be able to use this as an evidence when filing a claim against the movers.

Get An Appraisal For Your Furniture

  • If you do not already have an appraisal, get one. It will serve as proof of the actual value of your items.
  • See that you have an antique furniture appraisal done. It will serve as official verification of the value of your precious pieces.
  • Only hire reliable and authorized antique furniture appraisers that can assess the worth of your beloved furniture.
  • Make sure to carefully hold on to this appraisal papers; add them to a special file, adding them to the photographs and the rest of the inventory. The more attention to every detail you will show to this project, the more chances you will have for your antique pieces to make it in once piece, unaltered and looking the same to your new address.
  • Buy proper insurance for your antiques prior to the move. Find a reliable insurance company and talk all the details through. Find out exactly what your options are and select the type of liability coverage that best fits your custom needs.

Have A Clear Plan In Mind (And On Paper)

  • If you wish to handle the move on your own, there will be quite a few aspects you will need to concern yourself with. Keep in mind you can always get in touch with expert movers like the guys at Uber Movers and have them take care of everything for you with professionalism and a lot of hands-on experience.
  • Locate a safe route from your old house into your new one; measure all furniture dimensions as well as the size of the doors and see if all the piece can be safely take out through there. Hire a moving company if you are unable to maneuver your items in or out of a room. Do not risk jeopardizing their integrity in any way. Let people who know what they are doing take care of the matter.
  • Set up a detailed floor plan of your new home, so you or the movers can immediately start the unpacking and placement of the furniture into the right spots.

If it also important to make sure your new home has the ideal temperature and humidity values needed to safely preserve and store your furniture in. You are highly advised to hire professional movers for full packing services. Packing is one of the most delicate and complicated processes when it comes to antique furniture moves, and you are highly advised to hire professional packing services for it.


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